We believe in Simple & Creative

Toilet TrapCap: An innovative idea to help protect your Real Estate Asset during renovation or construction. Bright in color, constructed of rigid ABS to protect the flange and keep debris out of your sewer line.

The Seal: We've included a seal to keep sewer gases where they belong; in the sewer, and to prevent odors from proliferating throughout the bathroom and workspaces beyond. A toilet with its integrated water trap would typically do this, but when removed there is no means to stop the smell of the sewer system.

Screws To Lock Out The System: We provide screws with security heads to prevent access to the sewer during renovation or construction. Our desire is to keep workers from introducing work materials and debris whether intentionally or not into the system that can lead to contamination or clogging of your sewer system that can lead to possible back-ups and costly repairs and clean-up.

It All Comes Together: Our patented design, the ability to lock-out unwanted contaminates, lock-in undesirable orders, along with increased visibility and marked warnings will protect your sewer infrastructure and minimize surprises as you put that new bathroom together. Order a case or more for your next project!