About A&B Innovations, LLC

A&B Innovations was created in 2013 to formalize business efforts to produce, market and sell a product idea of Lewis'. His idea came to him supervising hotel renovations. Removing toilets to conduct work in bathrooms is more often then not necessary. Lewis sought out the product he has since developed to provide protection to his client's property's plumbing infrastructure and minimize costly repairs. He found the methods used for protecting the property's sewer system inadequate, which was usually accomplished with a rag stuffed into the toilet flange, an empty plastic cup, or duct tape stuck around and over the open flange. These efforts did at times keep debris from entering the sewer system through the open flange. They wouldn't however prevent someone from removing these improvised solutions to dispose of waste materials, nor were they specifically designed to contain the sewer gases within the system. Through these experiences, Lewis envisioned a better way of solving this seemingly innocuous problem; a vision that lead to the Toilet TrapCap.

A&B Innovations, originally a family endeavor, owned by Lewis and Liane Armenta has recently added two new members who have generously invested in Lewis' vision and allowed the company to accelerate its progress. Cameron Henderson, a friend and colleague in the construction industry, builds custom homes and has completed numerous multi-family projects with Lewis over the years, and Jason Jackson, a business partner of Cameron’s in JH Homes, Inc. have made it possible to push the ball forward even faster than Lewis had forecasted. Thanks to their generous investment and thoughtful counsel, A&B Innovations expects to make The Toilet TrapCapTM is now available to its customers by online orders.